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Our Operation

'Printing with Purpose' – Printing but with a mission to exceed customer experience levels. Our mission is to give our clients a service that exceeds their expectations, and we do that by ditching traditional satisfaction surveys, but constantly asking you to rate us out of 10 for experience, and that is built in to our customer journey.

Our company specialises in designing and manufacturing customised packaging solutions and personalised printing products. We care about the customers in the Pharma industry, can make braille writing as well as foil laminating and all of the safety features that which avoids counterfeiting 'competition'. We do care about the Food sector customers with our highest outstanding technology standards. We are accredited by both of the sectors.

Within this scope, our main activities include designing and manufacturing

  • Folding cardboard boxes
  • Self-adhesive printed labels in rolls or sheets
  • Personalised, holographic or scratch off prints as well as drug information sheets
  • Technical descriptions
  • Warranty cards
  • Instructions manuals, and other leaflets.

We also deal with requests for other publications produced by the traditional sheet-fed offset printing technology – books, leaflets, brochures, folders and business cards etc., but the majority of our activities are focussed on packaging technology, security and marketing solutions.

Our Offering

Comprehensive consultative partnership in materials procurement

  • Our experienced consultants pinpoint inherent supply chain potentials to help your business reduce costs, grow and get rejuvenated.

Strategic procurement, storage of existing components

  • We help you to decide how, when and where to procure the components you need to deliver your products to end users.

Preparation of packing units of filled, packaged and labelled products (with EAN or QR codes),
Consignment stock management
Shipment, even in a ‘Just In time delivery’ system if required

  • We assess your business’s transport environment, and provide the means to generate measurable changes.

Comprehensive inventory management
Supply Chain Management

  • We merge efficiency and goal orientation with process control to ensure that you can deliver measurable business values to your clients. Our company provides its existing and prospective clients commissioning, logistics and customised product handling services.